Are You or your organization experiencing stagnation, doubt or confusion AND are you highly motivated to succeed, then consider my coaching or consulting services. Together we will create more clarity, greater motivation and greater success.

My name is Oliver Fix, and I have an extensive background in sports and performance coaching and consulting. Highlights include winning the 1995 World Championships and the 1996 Olympic Gold medal in Whitewater Slalom Kayaking and later winning Silver and Bronze medals as Head Coach of the 2004 British Olympic Whitewater Team.

I have also coached and consulted for the Chinese National Team and am currently consulting with the High Performance Committee of Team USA. My academic credentials include a diploma in Cognitive Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming from ‘The Quest Institute’, based in London.

For me, coaching — and life — is about accomplishing audacious goals, finding solutions and having a good time doing it all! I am in my late 30’s and I have already ‘retired’ a few times after reaching the highest possible successes in my fields. I retired first as an athlete after winning Olympic Gold at age 23. Next I retired from National Team coaching after our athletes scored a record 2 medals in 2004. Then I moved to Hawaii for several years and worked at the Four Seasons Resort, where I was promoted into several coveted positions before I retired again to set the next stage for expressing my passion and expertise.

Now I have returned to work in a new form of coaching, which may include you.

I approach situations holistically and with a no-nonsense disposition focussing on relationships, communications and key data points in order to quickly and effectively determine what is already working and where the most promising improvements may be leveraged.

Are you looking to get there fast? Are you willing to go deep?

I believe the path to success is the path of facing yourself, re-evaluating your beliefs, both the big picture and in detail. To win you must be willing to lose, to give it all with total abandon — and to know how to have fun doing it.

If you are trying really hard, feeling stressed out and desperate, you are probably on a detour. You may be bleeding and lost. But guess what? That’s not such a bad place to start. Let’s talk about where you are right now — and how to use that place to get where you dream of being — faster, higher, and better. I offer you an honest, Gold medal perspective. I can give you proven practical processes that will take you further than you imagined possible.

Contact me today to work with me on Your project.

Gold Medal Performance Services

Coaching and Consulting
Individuals and Teams

952 B Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520
(808) 217-7332

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